Rational Enterprise and Everlaw Announce eDiscovery Partnership

Rational Enterprise and Everlaw Announce eDiscovery Partnership

New York, NY – Rational Enterprise, a leader in Information Governance (IG) technology, and Everlaw, a leader in ediscovery technology, announced today a strategic partnership to offer a comprehensive tool for end-to-end ediscovery preparedness and response. Rational’s IG platform and Everlaw’s ediscovery platform will be used in conjunction to proactively manage unstructured content, quickly respond to litigation demands, and review and produce data with ease.

The partnership enables the seamless transfer of content collected through Rational directly into the Everlaw cloud platform, without the need for processing. This integration allows organizations to move smoothly from identifying data where it resides to analyzing and reviewing that data with visualizations, analytics, and outlines. Using Rational and Everlaw together will streamline the approach to discovery response, reducing costs associated with legal review and increasing the overall quality of work done by senior outside counsel.

How It Works
With Rational Governance installed across an organization’s data stores, content residing on desktops, laptops, file shares, cloud shares, email servers, and document management systems is ingested and indexed, allowing the organization to search, analyze, and explicitly control all managed content in place and in real time. By managing unstructured content proactively, organizations can improve compliance, decrease risk, and position themselves to effectively and efficiently respond to ediscovery demands. An organization can assess its legal position quickly; analyze matters in-house; reduce the quantity of documents destined for outside review; and collect relevant data – all without disrupting the normal course of business.

With this new partnership, collected content will be accessible in the Everlaw ediscovery platform without waiting for processing to be complete. Case documents can then be reviewed and organized in Everlaw’s powerful and intuitive software. The available features include a blink-speed visual search, powerful predictive coding, document deduplication, case and reviewer accuracy analytics, document assignments, and Outlines and Chronologies for trial prep.

“Everlaw’s approach to litigation analysis and review is unique in its simplicity and breadth of capabilities. We are incredibly excited to be working with them,” said Mike McCutcheon, Rational’s Chief Solution Officer.

“Rational’s upstream, proactive approach to data addresses the EDRM in a way that no other technology can; it is a perfect complement to the Everlaw platform,” said Jon Kerry-Tyerman, Everlaw’s VP of Business Development.

To gain access to the integration, contact Everlaw or Rational Enterprise.

Everlaw provides the most comprehensive, easy-to-use litigation platform. Unparalleled ease of use, blink speed, and frequent user-driven updates set it apart in the ediscovery industry. It serves 8 of the top 10 class action law firms and over 65 percent of state attorneys general. To learn more about Everlaw, visit http://www.everlaw.com.

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