Adam R. Shaw, Partner at BSF, Utilized Rational Review and Rational Analytics to Cull and Code 4 TB of Data

“We were able to successfully use Rational Enterprise’s advanced search and categorization capabilities to cull an initial population of 4TB of data comprising 16 million documents.  After the collection was complete, the documents had to be defensibly culled and produced while legal teams prepared for deposition and trial with the most important documents.

  • We used Rational Enterprise’s technology and search engine to reduce the population of documents for review from 16 million to 1.5 million potential relevant documents, and then further to 400,000. 
  • The Workflow Engine automated much of the work assignment logistics, such as assigning, tracking, and reporting, including assigning out over 1 million documents for manual review.
  • We used auto-coding technology to “learn” how to identify particularly relevant documents and to create a mathematical model for identifying over 600,000 additional likely relevant documents.  The auto-coding technology was trained using high-priority custodian documents reviewed by the most experienced reviewers and then used to code lower-priority custodian documents.  About 40% of the documents that had to be reviewed did not have to be looked at by human reviewers. 
  • Senior attorneys were able to use the theme and gist of the information that was automatically extracted from the original documents to quickly peruse thousands of documents that were relevant to particular custodians and the issues in the litigation.  Over 35,000 individual searches were run on the system and on many days more than 1,000 searches were run, many of which were run simultaneously. 
  • The automated workflow technology was used to track the automatic review, manual review, quality assurance review, and production progress and to cull by keywords and to convert native documents to TIFF.
  •  32 coding groups were built for each review so that the reviewers had the specific information and coding fields at their fingertips to maximize efficiency.  
  • Through a combination of advanced search analytics the team was able to reduce the total document pool for production from 16 million documents to 4.5 million documents – a 71% reduction. 
  •  An additional 3,000,000 documents were identified as unresponsive to the agreed upon search terms, resulting in a further 66% reduction in overall review costs.
  • Overall, the team was able save approximately $4 million dollars in attorney review time by the strategic use of smart technologies and project managers.”

Adam R. Shawis apartner at Boies Schiller & Flexner LLP whose main practice area is civil litigation. He is involved in all aspects of civil litigation and represents clients in matters involving securities litigation, shareholder disputes, corporate governance disputes, government investigations, and internal investigations. He has represented numerous public companies in their defense of actions arising under state and federal laws and has been involved in a number of precedent setting litigations. Mr. Shaw has assisted the lead of the firm’s efforts on behalf of large public company in parallel criminal, administrative, and civil litigation, raising complex securities and corporate issues and on behalf of a market-leading public company conducting complex internal investigations.