Cyber Security Solution for Government Identified at Rational Enterprise Cyber Security Summit, Hosted at the University at Albany SUNY

Fri, Jul 31, 2015

Albany, NY - Security researchers as well as government and industry experts in Cyber Security joined forces earlier this month to identify and advance key next generation approaches to cyber security hosted by the School of Business at the University at Albany SUNY. Summit attendees included software experts from Rational Enterprise and CounterTack; cyber security leaders from the Center for Internet Security; researchers from the University at Albany SUNY; security and legal consultants from Deloitte, Alvarez & Marsal, Berkeley Research Group, and Boies, Schiller & Flexner; as well as infrastructure experts from FirstLight Fiber and nfrastructure.

The team identified a joint solution that will combine Rational Enterprise's automated content classification and risk assessment technologies with CounterTack’s in-memory data collection and threat detection solution to build a true 360-degree view of enterprise information risk and threat related activity. By combining data across the public sector and leveraging novel noise reduction, human factor analysis, and predictive modeling from researchers at the University at Albany SUNY, the team will build a new cyber security platform that is both practical and scalable, while at the same time can readily evolve and adapt to the ever changing landscape of global cyber risk.

"Multiple techniques for detection of malicious activity on computers and networks have independently evolved over time and have reached a plateau in terms of accuracy. Detection techniques based on a single vector typically have a lot of false positives; by combining multiple techniques for detection of malicious behavior, the quality of detection can be significantly improved. Combining efforts across academia and industry can lead to cost effective ways of improving the state of the art in the field as well as support the educational mission in cyber security" said Professor Sanjay Goel, Director of the new Digital Forensics program at the University at Albany SUNY. 

“The School of Business at the University at Albany SUNY is thrilled to be working with Rational Enterprise on the development and implementation of new tools to fight cyber security threats to state and local governments. We pledge to deploy our faculty and students to help Rational Enterprise and its partners accomplish this worthy goal. I am confident that this innovative public-private partnership will be successful,” said Donald Siegel, Dean of the University at Albany SUNY School of Business.

Rational Enterprise President Michael McCreary said: “We were delighted by the active and insightful participation of all summit attendees and are confident that together we can build and bring to market a novel and important cyber security solution to help stem the tide of cyber risk.”