Rational Enterprise Expands Information Governance in the Cloud by Adding Office 365 Support

Tue, Sep 29, 2015

Albany, NY – Rational Enterprise, a leader in Information Governance (IG) technology, announced today that it has released its Rational Governance Office 365 Agent, adding end-point support for data stored in Microsoft’s cloud versions of Exchange, SharePoint, and OneDrive.

Office 365 support is the newest Rational Agent, adding to its Agents for Windows, Mac OS, File Shares, Exchange, SharePoint, Alfresco, and Google Mail and Docs.

Rational Governance  enables content residing in PCs, file shares, email servers, document management systems, and the cloud to be indexed and managed. With Rational Governance, organizations can search, analyze, and explicitly control all managed content in place and in real time. By managing content proactively, organizations can improve compliance, decrease risk, and position themselves to effectively and efficiently address important challenges, from discovery and retention, to data security and big data analytics.

The addition of Office 365 cloud support also means that Rational Governance will support IG during data migration from legacy systems to the cloud.