Big Data Analytics

The explosion of data created by and available to the enterprise presents an unprecedented opportunity for new insights into to the business environment, the mind of the customer, and the operations of the organization. Rational Analytic’s patented causal discovery and predictive modeling tools enable the analysis of potentially millions of variables to discover the key components and relationships driving complex systems and behaviors.

RI and the experts that develop and implement its technology are able to customize the algorithms at their disposal to answer any number of important business questions and help organizations gain valuable insights into how to enhance value, including market analysis, customer and competitor profiling and behavioral analysis, staffing, company culture, employee satisfaction and productivity, performance management, implicit and explicit decision-making, and a myriad of other management and operational insights.

E-Discovery Preparedness and Response

Rational Governance dramatically reduces litigation costs and risk by enabling an enterprise to proactively manage its documents. When a litigation or investigation arises, an organization has consistently applied its retention policies, decreasing the risk of reputational harm associated with failing to properly maintain documents. Furthermore, the system can centrally and immediately execute legal holds in place, reducing the risk of spoliation. Once held, in-house counsel can quickly begin to identify and analyze all implicated documents to immediately assess the scope of a matter and the company's exposure without the need to collect a single document. 

Collection into RG’s full-featured litigation repository, Rational Review (either hosted or installed) is seamless. This connection eliminates the often clumsy, error prone, time-consuming, and expensive loading processes. RG offers a less disruptive, less expensive, more complete, and more expeditious method for responding to discovery. Because outside counsel can begin their work sooner and conduct it more effectively by having continual access to enterprise data; collection costs are eliminated and discovery and other legal costs are reduced because a smaller and more targeted volume of documents are collected. RG also enables an enterprise to search its various litigation repositories to ensure that all data relevant to any new litigation is included.

Rational Analytics, the most accurate, cost-efficient, and defensible text classification and predictive coding platform available today is integrated directly into both RG and RR and further reduces litigation costs while increasing the quality of lawyering. Documents are automatically reviewed by this sophisticated technology using a small, representative sample of coded documents; our algorithms then calculate a statistical model that can be applied to code the balance of the corpus. In RG, RI technology can be used in place to ensure both the accurate classification of documents into policies and the collection of truly relevant documents; in RR, RI provides improved review accuracy with massive reductions in time and cost compared to manual review.

Information Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Rational Governance can provide organizations with functionality to enhance business value, mitigate risk, and respond efficiently to investigations or discovery demands related to regulatory and policy compliance and litigation.

With Rational Governance installed, an organization knows the history of every document, including where it resides and who interacted with it. If a compliance issue arises, an organization can begin to identify relevant documents from all data stores immediately and automatically through our advanced machine learning tool, Rational Intelligence.  Those documents can be controlled centrally or loaded into our full-featured review platform, Rational Review, with rich analytics, review, redaction, and production capabilities – to quickly and cost-effectively respond to investigatory and discovery demands.

Similarly, RG offers a mechanism for transparency to proactively and defensibly avoid compliance violations.  The system can be trained to recognize potentially problematic communications, content, or behavior and alert administrators should they be detected.

e-Discovery and Automated Review

Rational Review is a full-featured litigation repository, which provides rich capabilities for document analytics, review, and production. It includes: direct document loading via our Rational Governance agents or through a simple, but powerful import tool; analytics, such as concept search, communications mapping, near-duplicate and thread detection; as well as coding, redaction, and export capabilities. RR can be hosted on our secure and redundant data centers or within an enterprise to help keep data secure; both options allow for immediate upload. Granular security allows for access by various constituencies to the same data store, which is especially useful in bankruptcy and multi-district litigation. RR’s cloud pricing is simple and predictable, with a fixed-fee schedule for unlimited users and matters, tiered based on the amount of data.

Rational Analytics, RE’s machine-learning-based predictive coding technology, is the most accurate, cost-efficient, and defensible platform available today. Documents are automatically reviewed by this sophisticated technology using a small, representative sample of coded documents; its algorithms then calculate a statistical model that can be applied to code the balance of the corpus. By leveraging the intuition and judgment of the firm’s smartest lawyers, RA dramatically reduces the amount of irrelevant data, further saving both time and cost, while increasing the quality of lawyering.

Open Government

Rational Governance will enable agencies to prepare better for and respond to open government requests. Visibility into all data through a central access portal ensures that response efforts can begin immediately upon receipt of a request, saving the agency the cost and business disruption of typical data collection efforts. An agency can also deploy advanced predictive coding technology to identify relevant documents in-place, saving agencies the time and cost associated with manual review. Once potentially relevant documents are identified through our powerful search and/or predictive coding functionality, the agency can further analyze and review data, redact sensitive information, and make responsive data electronically available to requestors.

Attorneys General

AGs representing other government departments can use Rational Governance, RE’s enterprise information management platform, to collect data in a just-in-time fashion into the Rational Review litigation repository. Pricing for this solution is a fraction of the cost of alternatives, and as such, levels the playing field with private enterprise. The RR system easily allows for multi-party access (e.g., in a case involving multiple State AGs). For especially large cases, Rational Analytics, RE’s predictive coding offering, can be used to quickly review documents.


Schools and the districts that support them are becoming increasingly aware of their record keeping and privacy obligations, including requirements to make student records available to parents and guardians securely.  RE will assist educational institutions in complying with their retention rules, gaining greater control over their data, and ensuring stringent privacy requirements are met.


By using a Rational Governance appliance and on-demand agents, regulators can quickly and easily ensure the preservation of and access to all truly responsive data from a target with minimal operational disruption.  

Institutional and Clinical Data Analysis

RE is uniquely positioned to help healthcare organizations drive real value from the mountains of data they are amassing. RE’s data analytic engines provide an endless range of modeling capabilities and are supported by a team that understands both medicine and the business of healthcare. Their proven tools and methodology enable the rapid and cost-effective analysis of big healthcare data; the results are actionable insights that enable healthcare institutions to respond to the ongoing demands of cost control and quality of patient care.


The Rational Governance platform helps healthcare organizations comply with the increasingly complex regulatory, privacy, accreditation, and audit challenges they face.  Any content under management may be quickly found, collected, and reviewed in support of, or as required by various regulators and auditors. At the same time, managed data may be continually evaluated for HIPAA / PII risks and policy violations.

Compliance and Audit

In recent years, the financial services industry has come under increased scrutiny and regulation. Rational Governance’s ability to improve the processes around how data is managed in these organizations will ensure compliance with FATCA, anti-money laundering (AML), and other such laws, as well as rapid, cost-effective, and accurate responses to requests from government agencies.


US organizations face substantial business risk due to tremendous amounts of regulation and litigation. Insurance providers for these companies can reduce this risk (and therefore their own risk) by ensuring their clients have defensible and transparent methods for enforcing document retention policies and responding to document requests during litigation or investigation. The Rational Enterprise products suite is unique in the market in that it allows true compliance with retention and production obligations, thereby diminishing the potential for large claims against D&O and E&O insurance. Risk reduction for insurance providers can also mean a competitive advantage in the way of premium reductions for clients. Along with Rational Governance, which effectuates retention policy against all unstructured data, Rational Analytics can be used to analyze both structured and unstructured data stores, revealing answers to important organizational issues and dramatically reducing the time and exposure of lawyer review. Rational Review further decreases the time and exposure of litigation. Not only are litigation costs reduced, but so is reputational risk.  As a result, both insured and insurer realize substantial savings.

Cost Savings and Risk Reduction

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most highly regulated and litigated industries, and as such, will greatly benefit from the cost savings and risk reduction resulting from the RE platform’s end-to-end approach to information governance.