RE Document Review

Rational Governance

RE’s Information Governance solution provides organizations with functionality to enhance business value, mitigate risk, and ensure policy and regulatory compliance across the enterprise. Using Rational Governance, high-risk content can be identified and quarantined, company records found and moved to long-term storage, obsolete content defensibly destroyed, and intuitional knowledge discovered and made accessible.

RG supports true Information Lifecycle and Records Management through centralized visibility and automated classification and policy-based management of distributed content. RG tracks and controls every document within an organization from the moment of creation; from then on, the system gathers metadata about every document, including where it resides, and who has access to it. RG administrators can then create any number of policies to automatically notify about the existence of, or to copy, move, preserve, or delete any managed content based upon the rules established in the policy. With RG’s advanced search and integrated auto-classification engine, companies can automatically identify those documents that must be retained and defensibly destroy the balance, thereby dramatically decreasing the storage requirements and related discovery costs for desktops, files shares, document management systems, email servers, and even legacy data stores. For content that is moved into our integrated content management system, records retention schedules can be applied to manage the long-term retention of any document.

RG can also proactively and defensibly avoid compliance violations by training the system to recognize potentially problematic communications or high-risk content such as PII and alert administrators if detected. If a compliance issue does arise, an organization can begin to identify relevant documents from all data stores immediately and automatically through RG’s advanced analytics and integrated machine-learning tools. Those documents can be controlled centrally or collected to a review platform to quickly and cost-effectively respond to investigatory and discovery demands. Similarly for Data Privacy and Security, RG can ensure that data necessary for business operation is not intentionally or unintentionally moved or deleted, and kept out of high-risk areas.