RE Document Review

RE Open Government allows government agencies of all types to gain visibility and control over their data to reduce the burden of public records requests and e-Discovery.

At the same time, RE Open Government provides a platform for improving compliance through records management, information security, and data privacy policy enforcement.

arrow The Technology

With RE Open Government, government agencies can have immediate access to all unstructured data stores,
including content residing on:

Document content is aggregated into a unified index of text and metadata, allowing agency administrators to search all data in place, then analyze, review, and produce responsive data to requestors.

RE Open Government is a solution built upon the proven technology of the Rational Governance (RG) and Rational Review (RR) platforms, with integrated machine learning tools from Rational Analytics (RA) also available.

These platforms are easily deployed behind an agency’s firewall or in a hosted environment. Pricing is also simple, offered at a low fixed fee, irrespective of the amount of data, custodians, or matters.

arrow The Process

FOIA Process Flow

arrow Use Cases

Discovery & Internal Compliance
With Rational  installed, documents residing anywhere in the enterprise can be centrally, automatically, and transparently searched, analyzed, and held in place. Responsive data can be collected seamlessly into Rational Review, where the data can be further culled, reviewed, and produced. Rational Analytics’ integrated machine-learning technology can be used at the data sources or during review to further ensure that only truly responsive data is being processed, dramatically reducing litigation costs.

Open Government Information Requests
Similarly, administrators can use RE Open Government to identify, collect, review, and redact data responsive to Open Government requests. An agency can use the RE Open Government Web Portal as a method for request submissions, as well as to electronically produce data to requestors. Finally, agencies can utilize Rational Review to maintain a repository of all data made available to requestors.

arrow Additional Capabilities

Records Management
Rational Governance supports true Information Lifecycle and Records Management through centralized policy-based management of distributed content. Agency administrators can design and effectuate any policy involving copy, move, preserve, delete, or alert actions on managed content. For content that is moved into its integrated content management system, records retention schedules can be applied to dictate the lifespan of a document.

Information Security | Data Privacy
RG can notify administrators regarding the access, movement, or deletion of data, and ensure that data necessary for operation is not intentionally or unintentionally moved or deleted. Moreover, information an agency wishes to keep secure can be moved out of high-risk areas. In particular, Personally Identifiable Information or data categorized as private may be identified and remediated.

arrow Return on Investment

35 State Attorneys General offices are using Rational Enterprise’s hosted litigation platform and predictive coding technology to manage several prominent litigations and one merger review involving a total of over 5 TB of data.

A global insurance company implemented Rational Enterprise’s software to assist in document search and review in response to e-discovery requests for litigation. Their platform and process spending was reduced from $3.5M annually to just over $350k within one year.

A large school district is implementing Rational Enterprise to reduce the average amount of time spent on document search requests and the amount of personnel required to perform the searches by 50%.

A recent report states NYC spends at least $20 Million on open records requests annually and could save $13 M with an open open records requests system. (Beyond Magic Markers: Faster, Less Expensive Freedom of Information Law in New York City, Reinvent Albany, 2014.) Imagine what your agency can achieve