RE Document Review

RE Rapid Access allows the General Counsel’s office, working with its trusted advisors, to respond rapidly to any litigation or investigation.

Organizations can place broad holds on potentially relevant information, immediately and in place; they can then explore, filter, and even view data prior to collection to refine the set of potentially relevant data. Finally, the organization will be able to notify document custodians of their hold obligations.

By providing organizations the ability to analyze documents immediately and in place, RE Rapid Access  allows a General Counsel and outside consultants to begin an efficient and defensible discovery strategy earlier than ever before, thereby reducing the risks and costs associated with a typical discovery process.

arrow The Technology

With RE Rapid Access, the General Counsel’s office can have immediate access to an organization’s unstructured data stores, including content residing on:

Document content is aggregated into a unified index and organized by custodian, allowing in-house counsel to search, analyze, view, organize, and preserve data relevant to a litigation or investigation.

RE Rapid Access is a lightweight early case assessment tool built upon the proven technology of the Rational Governance platform.  Delivered as software on a virtual machine, easily deployed behind an enterprise firewall. Pricing is also simple, offered at a low fixed fee, irrespective of the amount of data, custodians, or matters.

arrow Search & Preserve in Place

To identify documents to be placed on immediate hold, RE Rapid Access offers robust search functionality, supporting detailed searches that encompass multiple variables – from simple keyword and metadata search, to concept search.

With results in hand, users can preserve content in place by enforcing legal holds without the need to collect. RE Rapid Access will ensure that documents relevant to discovery are retained as they appeared at the time of the hold. 

Documents can remain in their original locations even if custodians modify or delete items under preservation; RE Rapid Access will automatically preserve copies of the original documents. This process runs transparently in the background, with no disruption to the end-user or the normal course of business.

Rational Enterprise’s rich search and preservation capabilities enable organizations to execute broad legal holds in place, completely eliminating the risk of data spoliation. Organizations can also leverage Evergreen Preservation, which ensures that any new documents matching preservation requirements will be automatically held in place on an ongoing basis.

arrow Assess & Organize

RE Rapid Access users can view the text and all metadata of any managed content prior to collection. In addition to viewing search results and important document metadata in list form, users can view a graphical analysis of search result statistics. Histograms serve to visually summarize search results, providing insight into volume and distributions by time, custodian, system, file type category, and file size. Using these features, in-house counsel can begin to organize a matter by separating documents into folders.

The ability to analyze and refine data discovery at the source enables an organization to quickly, easily, and accurately assess the scope of the discovery matter at hand, determine its exposure, and develop the proper legal strategy as early as possible.

This immediate case assessment capability helps organizations realize cost savings by increasing in-house efficiency, reducing the number of documents slated for outside review, and thereby improving the quality and speed of work done by outside counsel and consultants.

arrow Notifications

Organizations can meet the legal requirements of notifying potential custodians of their preservation obligations via the RE Rapid Access notification tool, which automatically sends hold notices and tracks custodial responses. Custodians can be required to acknowledge receipt of the notice, and surveys can be attached to gain further information that may be helpful to discovery.

arrow Add-Ons

Once installed, RE Rapid Access can be expanded within the enterprise to provide a variety of other useful solutions:

  • Proactive enforcement of information governance policies with automatic document categorization
  • Analytics to further explore content, including semantic analysis and visualization
  • Collection into any litigation review platform, including RE’s seamlessly integrated Rational Review