The Rational Enterprise platform consists of the Rational Enterprise Server (“RES”) and an optional set of agents for various data sources, all sitting behind the enterprise firewall. Each connector requires the RES for interaction; however, no connector is dependent upon another.

Rational Enterprise Server

The Rational Enterprise Server is the core of the RE platform and is comprised of a highly scalable database, and a classification and policy engine. It also includes our notification capabilities and our workflow-based search, hold, collect, analytics, review, and production tools.

The RES stores key information about all managed data and is the repository for all retention and document management policies. It also serves as the matter repository for all discovery response information, including all collected files.


For companies interested in the full lifecycle management of corporate data, RE’s proprietary, lightweight, and transparent agents may be deployed across the enterprise’s network. The agents sit on the desktop, and in file shares, email servers, and document management systems. Upon creation, key information of any managed file is sent via the RE agent to the RES. This information is subsequently used for management and control of the document throughout its lifecycle. As directed by the RES, agents can move, hold, collect, or destroy any managed document.

Document and Records Manager

The Rational Enterprise enterprise suite includes a fully integrated version of Alfresco for document and records management. The integration allows for Alfresco to act as both as typical ECM tool as well as an endpoint for information lifecycle management. When acting as an end point, managed documents on desktops, and in email systems or files shares may be automatically copied to Alfresco upon expiration of their work-in-progress period (as defined in the RE policy engine). Moreover, when a document is destroyed in the Records Management module, any remaining copies that exist within the enterprise may be automatically destroyed by RE.

Enlarge RG Architecture