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Information Governance & the Cloud

The proliferation of the Cloud is not relenting. Your firm will (and should) make the move. Since it’s not a question of “if,” but “when,” best to be prepared. Integrating Information Governance technology as part of your cloud transition will provide both quick wins (e.g., defensible disposition) and long term strategic advantages (e.g., data security).

Dear Trusted Advisor, Are You Really That Trustworthy?

Law firms and other advisory firms are entrusted with a client’s most sensitive data, yet, these advisors are storing client data in risky locations with inadequate security, unnecessarily exposing it to inadvertent disclosure.

The Rational Enterprise eDiscovery Playbook

The Rational Enterprise eDiscovery Playbook is an instructional guide for counsel and consultants on how to best leverage the Rational Enterprise software suite to effect proper Information Governance, Discovery Response, and Evidence Management at a client organization.

Archiving & Retention Risk Management

Recent advances in search, categorization and document management technology have made it possible for companies to move beyond the archiving everything mindset to a model that is far more targeted and ensures that the right documents are kept for the right amount of time, and that documents which have reached their end-of-life are fully and defensibly deleted.

Document Classification with Support Vector Machines

Automatic document classification has become a necessity for any large enterprise. The exponential growth of unstructured data combined with the marked increase in litigation, security and privacy rules have left organizations utterly unable to cope with conflicting demands of the business, lawyers and regulators. Support Vector Machines (SVM) is a mature and well understood technology founded on years of work in statistical learning theory. It is accurate, scale-able, predictable and auditable; and as such is an ideal match for the burgeoning corporate demand for automatic text and document classification.

Role of Counsel

It is imperative that law firms work closely with their clients well in advance of any litigation and provide the advice and guidance needed to ensure that the client is truly prepared to respond efficiently and effectively to discovery.

What Lawyers and Judges Need to Know About Machine Learning for Complex eDiscovery

Many judges and lawyers might start by asking whether they can trust machine learning to replace traditional legal review by contract or staff lawyers in complex litigation. In fact, the first question should be: how can we allow the current culling and manual review process to continue when we know that it cannot begin to fulfill legal obligations to the courts and to clients?