Litigation Review & Production

Document Management

When a litigation arises, Rational Review facilitates the easy setup of a case, allowing you to take a more hands-on approach to your matter.

Documents can be loaded via a simple, but powerful importing tool, which accepts almost all types of data, including natives, text, images, and produced documents with load files. Email Threading, de-duplication, and near-duplicate detection are automatically run upon upload to the platform. Automatically populated dashboards provide immediate insights into key metrics across the site, allowing early case assessment and review oversight.

Intuitive search, advanced tools for both supervised and unsupervised learning, and customizable review features will give confidence that the review team has found all relevant materials. And when you’re ready to turn over documents, our production capabilities include flexible Bates stamping, slip sheeting, configurable redactions, and load file creation in accordance with requirements.


Internal Investigation

Investigations can often involve quick turnaround times, with added pressure for legal teams to interrogate data efficiently and cost-effectively, while using defensible procedures. With Rational Review, a corporate legal department can self-administer many tasks, including upload of potentially relevant data; email Threading, de-duplication, and near-duplicate detection are automatically run upon upload so that extraneous data is set aside and correspondence is organized logically. Locating key documents is then quick and simple using RR’s powerful search and machine learning tools.

M&A Deal Room

M&A Deal Room

Rational Review is ideally suited for Mergers and Acquisitions deal room review and collaboration. Documents may be uploaded into the review platform, where rich security, control, and auditing are enabled. Security may be set all the way to the document level and all user actions may be controlled and audited.