Providing an Industry-Leading Toolkit for Information Governance

With the amount of data growing exponentially, we’ll make sure you aren’t overwhelmed. RG is the complete solution to understand and manage unstructured data in place and in real-time – whether to control risk, improve operational efficiency, or expand enterprise knowledge. RG provides rich capabilities for file analysis, records management, compliance, discovery response, privacy, and security – just to name a few!

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What Our Clients Say

“We have been impressed with the high level of service and professionalism from Rational. The service team has been incredibly responsive, adaptable, and accommodating to our specific requirements.”

BAE Systems

“Rational Enterprise has provided us with an end-to-end solution that handles in-place data management combined with effective and efficient eDiscovery response which has significantly reduced our eDiscovery spend.”

M+W Group

Key Features of Rational Governance

Centralized Data Index

Once Rational Governance is connected a data source via lightweight agent, it allows for two procedures to begin investigating your data:

  • An Initial Data Scan provides initial insights into the scope and other high-level characteristics of your data.
  • Full Ingestion involves stripping all text and metadata from every document within each of the selected data sources to create a single, unified index. This index can then be leveraged to comprehensively explore and control data for any number of use cases.


Supported Data Sources

RG supports connection to a comprehensive range of data sources and has prebuilt agents that are ready to deploy:

Microsoft Windows
Apple MacOSMicrosoft Office 365
Google DriveMicrosoft Exchange
Alfresco ECMMS Teams
GmailMicrosoft Sharepoint
NetAppFile Shares
Interested in a data source not listed here? Let us know.

We are constantly creating new agents and can even custom-build an agent for any data source you require.
Custom Integrations


When you have massive amounts of data, sometimes you don’t know what question to ask. You want to explore data, not run static searches. With Rational Governance, you can visualize data in customizable histograms and iteratively drill down, refine, and take action. Think of it as interviewing your data, rather than your employees.



Dynamic Searching

We have re-imagined the role of search in RG, from a basic utility to intelligent identification. Machine learning output, regular expression pattern matching, special text operators, active directory integration, and application-specific metadata recognition all provide scalable criteria to recognize document classifications automatically on a go-forward basis, the moment they are created across the enterprise. With built-in statistical sampling and interactive visualizations, we’ve turned static searching into a conversation with your data. Feel free to say hello.

Advanced Analytics


In addition to visualizations and search, RG has machine learning and artificial intelligence (MLAI) tools tightly integrated into the platform. Gain deeper insight into the data added to your projects to help you discover data that conventional searches may not be able to identify. These tools never lose productivity and are always consistent – they’re the team members you’ve been missing.

Machine Learning
Supervised Learning using
Support Vector Machine (SVM)

RG’s SVM toolkit enables subject-matter experts (SMEs) to model characteristics unique to a small sample of documents and to automatically apply that model to code and classify a broader set of documents. Since training sets typically comprise only a fraction of the total document population, an enterprise can efficiently leverage the knowledge of SMEs across its entire dataset. Moreover, models can be designed for any type of document category. The accuracy of a model’s output is transparent, and the model can be quality checked and updated as needed.

Machine Learning
Unsupervised Learning with Clustering

Unlike supervised learning, clustering requires no coding input from the user. Simply run RG’s unsupervised learning across a set of documents to visualize a grouping of conceptually similar documents and the topics that relate them.


Classification and Policy Engine

Many file analysis tools simply stop at analysis. In business, having intelligence is not enough; you need to act on it, and you need to do it fast. Rational Governance features a powerful policy engine that allows you to enforce the lifecycle of all managed data automatically. Administrators can design and apply policies to any set of data – from a folder of documents to those responsive to a dynamic search, to those classified by a machine learning model – and even customize triggers on when specified actions should be taken. If automated action is too aggressive, leverage enhanced workflow options to institute checks and balances.

RG policies can take the following actions on documents:
Preserve & Hold
Collect & Export
Retain & Delete
Move & Copy
Monitor & Alert

Granular Data Security

Granular Data Security

Rational Governance provides powerful and immediate access to vast amounts of corporate data, but we take care to ensure that access is granted only to approved users. By default, users must be given affirmative access to enterprise information; even then, permissions dictate which data they can access and which functionality they can operate.

Audit & Reporting

Every action within Rational Governance is audited and can be reported upon, including system health checks. Standard reports are available out of the box, but reporting can be customized as needed, and can be scheduled and automated.

Auditing and Reporting

Key Benefits of Rational Governance

In-place Data Management

Rational Governance brings visibility to documents where they are being created and where people are used to working, so you can see, classify, and control information without having to copy or move hundreds of TBs of data. Other so-called information governance technologies can only search, analyze, and control enterprise data once it’s centralized. Those vendors don’t have to convince your boss to copy or move hundreds of TBs of data or make everyone learn a new tool just so they can keep doing their work.

Low Impact

We know that low-impact data management is a top concern, so every element of our technology was purpose-built to be as lightweight as possible. Employees will never notice poor performance.

Invisible to Employees

RG is completely invisible to employees. Don’t interrupt your most productive worker just to classify a document, let RG’s sophisticated machine learning do that. Worried about bad actors inside your enterprise? Know what data they are creating, sending, or attempting to delete so that you can protect yourself from potential regulatory violations or litigation.

Data Management
Real-time and Evergreen

Data is notoriously fluid, so traditional data maps are useless; that’s why Rational Governance allows real-time access to data and self-updates constantly. RG is evergreen, not just in its index of enterprise data, but also in its automatic go-forward triggers that apply classifications, take actions on documents, and inform notifications based on document content and context.

Engage with Unstructured Data

Unstructured data comprises as much as 80% of all data stored within an enterprise. RG helps an organization gain insight into and control over this information, bringing much needed structure to data types that was once difficult to address. Finally, you will be able to analyze unstructured content in conjunction with structured data to provide a more holistic view of the enterprise.


Most organizations only think about their data when there’s a problem, for instance, just after a data breach, or in the midst of a litigation or investigation. But reactive information management is limited in its effectivenss, and may only be beneficial in its ability to spur a change to how the oganization addresses these types of challenges going forward. While RG can be deployed at a moment’s notice in a reactive context, its real purpose is for proactive enterprise data governance, so that problems don’t present themselves in the first place.

Risk and Return
Risk Mitigation & Value Creation

Information is both an asset and a liability. Indeed, many of the use cases RG was designed to address are for the purpose of mitigating the risk posed by storing an ever increasing volume of data; however, RG is equally useful for answering any number of important business questions and helping organizations gain insights into how to enhance value and drive profitability.

Comprehensive and Value-Oriented

We offer a complete solution for information governance. No matter what your use case, when you buy RG, you receive the full capabilities of our platform – meaning every feature is included and you won’t have to upgrade. Don’t be overwhelmed, just start small – tackle an immediate need, and when you’re done, expand the scope of the project or move on to another. The ROI of RG is immediate, and its value will only grow from there. There isn’t a better software investment out there.

Clear and Transparent Pricing Designed to Deliver An Immediate ROI

Rational steers clear of complicated fee structures and hidden costs. Our pricing is clear, transparent, contains minimal line items, and is based on the actual value you receive. Rational’s flexibility allows us to work with clients to devise a pricing approach that suits their needs, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. All of our clients see a ROI within the first year, and for many the investment in RG has been priceless.

We offer several unique and attractive pricing models:
Data-Based Pricing
Data-volume-based pricing

for unlimited users and employees, providing cost predictability for large organizations

User-Based Pricing
User-based pricing models

for organizations with fewer employees

Fixed-fee and project-based pricing

for discreet information governance initiatives that don’t require long-term licenses

Integration with Rational Review

Is your enterprise highly regulated or constantly involved in litigation? If so, seamlessly collect data directly from RG into Rational Review, our proprietary eDiscovery platform, so that in-house or outside counsel can perform further analysis, review documents, and produce data to third parties.

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Professional Services

Rational’s client services team consists of information experts and senior consultants who have the necessary experience to guide you through whatever information governance project you may be tackling. We provide one central contact who’s dedicated to your project and remains fully involved throughout the process. Our client services team is readily available for any support queries and questions you might have.

What Our Clients Say

“We have been impressed with the high level of service and professionalism from Rational. The service team has been incredibly responsive, adaptable, and accommodating to our specific requirements.”
BAE Systems

Professional Services

Data Security

Data security is a top priority at Rational Enterprise. We understand that enterprise data is the most valuable and sensitive asset a company has. Infrastructure for Rational Governance can be set up behind your company’s firewall (on-premises deployment) or hosted with a trusted cloud provider.

When hosted on cloud environments such as Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Microsoft Azure, those providers secure the physical locations and hardware, host operating systems, and ensure resiliency of data. Rational Enterprise implements full encryption of data in transit and at rest by default, supports complex identity and access controls around our platform and implements logical security of our database to fulfill compliance with a large range of international regulations and security standards, such as HIPAA, SOC 2, ISO 27001, DoD SRG, FISMA, and FedRAMP. Rational Governance also supports SAML 2.0 and OAuth for SSO integration. Cloud deployments can support jurisdictional data storage to support complex data localization requirements as well.


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