Must-Have Technology for a Modern eDiscovery Process

Rational Review is a modern, cloud-optimized eDiscovery platform with cutting-edge analytics to help you quickly uncover and review key evidence and build a better case. We provide an intuitive interface and easy to understand pricing so that you have the best user experience.

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Key Features of Rational Review

Matter Dashboard

Matter Dashboards

Our matter dashboard visualizations provide instant answers to the most commonly asked project management questions and allows an administrator to perform Early Case Assessment and gain immediate insight into review statistics. These dashboards are customizable to be as simple or as detailed as you require.

Cutting-Edge Analytics

Lawyers want to spend more time analyzing evidence and less time trying to figure out basic document relationships. To that end, Rational Review automatically runs the following analyses at no extra cost:

  • Email Threading allows the reviewer to interrogate the full thread of an email chain by identifying the most inclusive emails within the chain.
  • Deduplication and near duplicate detection ensure that a reviewer need only review one copy of a document and can quickly identify subtle differences between documents.
  • More Like This analysis finds similar documents so that a reviewer doesn’t miss anything important.


Intuitive Search

Intuitive Search with Random Sampling

We’ve designed the search interface to be intuitive for reviewers, providing them the utmost confidence that they’ve found what they’re looking for. Visually build searches with our drag-and-drop, color coded search feature and see real-time result figures. Searches can be simple or complex, leveraging Boolean search logic and subjective or objective metadata fields. Results are returned quickly, and even include document previews so that you have instant context for your search term analysis. You can also return random samples of searches to perform QA.

Predictive Coding

Documents within Rational Review can be reviewed by an integrated machine learning tool based on Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) to either complement or replace contract attorney review. A handful of knowledgeable attorneys review a small, representative sample of documents. With this sample set, RR is able to codify the intuition, judgment, and decision processes of these attorneys into a statistical model, and then automatically apply that model across a broad set of data. Each model is completely customized for the issue and the dataset at hand. The result is improved review accuracy with massive reductions in time and cost – and an increase in the quality of lawyering. By providing full auditability of the CNN models as well as experts to testify to the validity of the process, our clients are given unparalleled confidence in the tool’s level of defensibility

Predictive Coding

Coding View

Uncomplicated Review and Coding

Built with ease of use in mind, Rational Review has pre-defined coding templates and allows reviewers to easily construct review queues and coding views that meet their needs for any project.

  • Review queues can be constructed to facilitate tracking of your ongoing review and are accompanied by real-time metrics for each queue.
  • Coding views specific to your coding needs can be created to allow easy access to information such as attachments, productions, redactions, email threading, near duplicates, etc.

Granular Security and Data Segregation

Granular security features allow RR to secure all project data to their assigned users and facilitates security down to the document level. There are over 50 permissions and subsets that can be activated for any user. Out-of-the-box roles allow for quick setup and user administration, while custom roles can be easily defined once and used repeatedly. Access controls can be granted down to the individual document and coding level as well. With these features, RR easily accommodates multiple parties with various levels of access to the repository and its data.

Granular Security

Key Benefits of Rational Review


For those of you who would prefer to handle eDiscovery in-house, we’ve got you covered. Every function of Rational Review is designed to be completely self-service, including loading, production, and settings for security and permissions. Don’t worry, if you get overwhelmed and would rather outsource your Friday afternoon eDiscovery emergency, just pick up the phone and give us a call!

Reliable Reporting and Automation

No matter is exactly the same, so you need a reliable way to monitor and report on process. Our workflow automation for review is supported by self-populating visualizations of progress and productivity, giving users heads-up metrics whenever viewing a list of documents. Both in-context and canned reports consolidate data on nearly every function and are easily exportable. We believe that if you need a question answered about your data and you can’t get it through the user interface, then you are using the wrong tool.

Scalable and Elastic

Each project can be resourced based on your project requirements. Our cloud-optimized environment allows us to cater to projects large and small and quickly allocate the required compute resources so that your project to runs cost-effectively.

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Great User Experience

Rational Review combines cutting-edge functionality and an intuitive user interface designed for speed, with rapid search results, analytics, and document navigation. User experience is never strained by processing work and there’s no third-party licenses or specialized hardware needed. Just start reviewing.

Time and Cost Savings
Time and Cost Savings

Time is against a full-blown linear review. Use our predictive coding tools in conjunction with Subject Matter Experts to save time and costs in delivering to strict deadlines. Predictive coding has been found to improve review accuracy with significant reductions in time and cost.

Data Collection
Built by and for Litigators

We believe Rational Review so thoroughly addresses the needs of litigators because our company was founded by one. But if you do find it lacking, since RR is built in-house, you can have direct input into any customizations you would like to see added to our platform. It’s the next best thing to being a programmer yourself.

Transparent and Predictable Pricing

Only Pay for the Actual Value You Receive.

Rational eliminates uncertainty and unanticipated costs from eDiscovery with clear and predictable pricing structures. Rational’s flexibility allows us to work with clients to devise a pricing approach that suits their needs rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. Rational provides immediate full access to all features with the exception of our leading-edge predictive coding technology.

No Startup Fees
No costly startup fees
No Long-Term Commitments
User-Based Pricing
No User Limits

We offer several unique and attractive pricing models
Fixed-fee project pricing
Data Hosting
All-in hosting rates
Discounted pricing bundles

Integration with Rational Governance

Does your company or your client have an instance of Rational Governance? If so, seamlessly collect data directly from RG into RR, eliminating the need for traditional collection and saving time and cost in the process.

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Professional Services

We’ve been specialists in eDiscovery for over 15 years, so our support personnel are industry veterans. We have some of the toughest experience requirements in the industry, so when you call on your permanently assigned project manager with a support query, don’t be surprised if you get a licensed attorney who also happens to be a technology expert. And, with our global presence, Rational’s client services team has experience handling multijurisdictional matters and navigating the many data privacy pitfalls that often arise.

Rational also has a team of data scientists to provide clients more personal assistance with their predictive coding needs. That being said, we believe that even the most advanced predictive coding technology has to be usable for those of us who aren’t information scientists. RR can provide advice on best practices for reaching your goals, including guidelines for instructing subject matter experts and explanations of how to interpret the results.

Professional Services

Data Security

Data security is a top priority at Rational. We understand that company data and legal matters are sensitive by nature. To mitigate risk and keep data secure and accessible, we host client data with only the most secure cloud environments, including Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Microsoft Azure.

These cloud providers secure the physical locations and hardware, host operating systems, and ensure resiliency of data. Rational Enterprise implements full encryption of data in transit and at rest by default, manages the identity and access controls around our platform and the logical security of our database to fulfill compliance with a large range of international regulations and security standards, such as HIPAA, SOC 2, ISO 27001, DoD SRG, FISMA, and FedRAMP. We also support two-factor authentication (2FA). Cloud deployments can support jurisdictional data storage to support complex data localization requirements as well.


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