Man holding phone and texting

Rational Insights: Alex Jones’ Text Messages

American provocateur Alex Jones learned that his legal team had inadvertently sent the plaintiffs’ attorneys a full copy of his mobile phone data. Sarah Cole discusses why Jones’ text messages were admissible and why they were later allowed to be shared with the January 6 Select Committee.

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Police standing in front of city hall behind barricade tape

Rational Insights: Discovering Secret Service Text Messages

The January 6th Select Committee sought to obtain Secret Service text messages relating to the insurrection at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021, only to be informed that any text messages from that timeframe were deleted across the agency. Sarah Cole shares insights on the recovery of deleted text messages.

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Laptop screen with gmail open

Email Threading: Realizing the Value of an Underutilized Asset

Sarah Cole discusses email threading, a tool that, despite being around for a long time, is still underutilized by many eDiscovery consumers. In this blog, we will zoom in on email thread analysis to remind eDiscovery users how email thread analysis can be helpful in any project involving email. 

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Employee Spotlight: Sarah Cole

In today’s employee spotlight, Rational Enterprise welcomes Sarah Cole as our Senior Director of Consulting. Sarah uses her extensive experience and expertise to arm Rational’s clients with tailored solutions to their data governance, investigative, and discovery needs.

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