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Construction Litigation

Construction litigation and disputes often involves many interconnected parties where stakeholders frequently communicate with construction companies, building owners, subcontractors, contractors, suppliers, bonding companies, architects, and engineers about various contracts, claims, and disputes.

Besides this organizational complexity, construction matters are also notoriously difficult due to the prevalence of less common document types, which pose significant collection and review challenges. For these reasons, advanced eDiscovery technology is not just beneficial for lawyers dealing with constructions disputes, but a necessity.

Rational Review enables lawyers dealing with construction matters to piece a story together by consolidating information for multiple entities into one place and sifting through that information in a logical and efficient way. Daily reports, calendars, progress meetings, logs, and changes in work directives can be retrieved instantly and associated with case facts and issues. Use our ‘Find Similar’ functionality to track how key documents such as reports and contracts were altered and amended over time to help uncover their true meaning.

Our powerful and proprietary eDiscovery platform for analyzing, reviewing, and producing documents to meet tight deadlines is combined with an experienced, consultative, and responsive project management team with over 15 years of experience in the industry.

“Rational Enterprise has provided us with an end-to-end solution that handles in-place data management combined with effective and efficient eDiscovery response which has significantly reduced our eDiscovery spend.”

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