Financial Services

Financial Services

Govern collaboration and compliance across a global and distributed environment

Improve Compliance and Risk Management

Financial services is one of the most scrutinized and regulated industries. Rational Governance improves data management processes to ensure compliance with FATCA, anti-money laundering (AML), and other such laws. RG can also ensure compliance with GDPR and similar government regulations, as well as support rapid, cost-effective, and accurate responses to requests from government agencies.

Defensible Records Management

Managing important client and internal documents shouldn’t be a considerable burden for you or your company, but it’s often more complicated than it appears. With increasing pressure from regulatory agencies, the need for Information Governance continues to evolve to a “must have” in the Financial Services industry. In addition to regulatory pressures, legal discovery requirements continue to become more standardized, with courts having less tolerance for noncompliance to established standards and commercially reasonable expectations.

It’s more important than ever to reduce your organization’s risk – knowing where your records are located, securing and auditing access, and determining how long to retain them. Rational Governance safeguards records and allows information to be managed, controlled, and discovered from a central location, enterprise wide.

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