Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Knowledge Management

Rational Governance provides a uniquely clear window into the full breadth and depth of content across the enterprise. The result is unparalleled visibility into the work, expertise, and knowledge of all staff and the implicit business intelligence, processes, and decision-making employed across the organization. With that vision, Rational Governance’s automated policies can ensure information assets are where they need to be, when they need to be, every time.

Big Data Analytics

The explosion of data created by and available to the enterprise presents an unprecedented opportunity for new insights into the business environment, the mind of the customer, and the operations of the organization. The predictive modeling tools integrated into Rational Governance enable the analysis of potentially millions of variables to discover key components and relationships driving complex systems and behaviors.

Rational Governance can customize the algorithms at its disposal to answer any number of important business intelligence questions and help organizations gain insights into how to enhance value, such as:

  • Market analysis
  • Customer and competitor profiling
  • Behavioral analysis
  • Staffing
  • Company culture
  • Employee satisfaction and productivity
  • Performance management
  • Implicit and explicit decision-making

Improving third-party analytics engines

Does your enterprise already have a proprietary or third-party analytics engine for big data analytics? No problem. Use RG to extract the text and metadata from unstructured content and plug in your analytics engine through our API. Accessing unstructured content has never been so easy.