Storage Optimization

Information Security

Legacy Data Cleanup

Many companies have accumulated vast stores of unorganized, poorly understood, and rarely accessed documents that serve little or no business value. So how do you decide where to get started? High-level metadata reporting and keyword searching can be helpful, but it’s never enough when the time comes to press delete.

The best cure for fear and uncertainty is true insight into your data. Rational Governance can help you understand what you have, identify what needs to be retained, and destroy the balance. Not only will you enhance storage optimization and save on hard costs, but you will reduce risk and cost down the road. Every record that is defensibly deleted is a record that won’t come back to haunt you, as deleted data can’t be subject to future eDiscovery and regulatory document requests, nor involved in data breach response and remediation.

Data Migration

Rational Governance can assist in porting your data from on-premises legacy systems to new cloud applications, while simultaneously performing data remediation, storage optimization, and maintaining your information governance policies.