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Information Governance Platform

Gain visibility into and control over information across the enterprise. The complete solution to understand and manage unstructured data in place and in real-time – whether to control risk, improve operational efficiency, or expand enterprise knowledge.
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Rational Governance

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Information Governance

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Rational Review

Our eDiscovery platform

Analyze, review, and produce data. The cloud-optimized litigation repository to navigate the discovery process efficiently and cost-effectively, with a dedicated client services team to back it up.
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Service that’s just as outstanding as our software.

Information Governance and eDiscovery projects can become complex quickly. With more than 15 years of industry experience and a focus on project management, we can help solve your data problems.
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At Rational Enterprise, our proprietary software is created to ensure usability for lawyers and information specialists alike. And, our pricing is simple, predictable, and can be tailored to suit your budgetary needs. Don’t pay resellers marked-up licensing costs and fees any more.
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Understanding Colorado’s Consumer Protections for Artificial Intelligence Act

On May 17, 2024, the state of Colorado took a significant step in regulating artificial intelligence (AI) with the signing of the Consumer Protections for Artificial Intelligence Act. This bill, which goes into effect on February 1, 2026, aims to protect consumers by ensuring that high-risk AI systems operate without causing algorithmic discrimination. As businesses […] Read More...

What Is Information Governance? A Complete Introduction

Today’s organizations handle an overwhelming amount of data, including emails, documents, databases, images, videos, social media platforms IoT feeds, etc. Effective data management is needed for maintaining compliance, mitigating risks, and unlocking the value of data assets. And information governance is key to achieving these objectives. Although many executives recognize the need for information governance, […] Read More...

Corporate eDiscovery Policy: Best Practices for Effective Implementation

Chief Legal Officers (CLOs) are increasingly tasked with creating robust eDiscovery policies to mitigate legal risks and ensure compliance. Consider Sarah, a newly appointed CLO at a multinational corporation. Under a directive from the CEO, Sarah was responsible for crafting a comprehensive Corporate eDiscovery Policy to shield the company from potential litigation risks. Challenges in […] Read More...

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