Rational Enterprise and CounterTack Announce Partnership

Rational Enterprise and CounterTack Announce Partnership

Albany, NY – Rational Enterprise, a leader in Information Governance and e-Discovery technology, and CounterTack, a leader in cyber security technology, announced today a strategic partnership to offer organizations a comprehensive solution for managing their most sensitive data and dramatically enhancing data breach monitoring and response.

Rational Governance (RG), a Rational Enterprise technology platform, and Sentinel, CounterTack’s cyber threat detection platform, will be used in conjunction to mitigate information security risk through end-point monitoring of anomalous behavior and sensitive data. Together, the software platforms will provide in-place and real-time visibility into an organization’s data storage systems, as well as the automated classification and management of sensitive unstructured information. This level of insight and control will enhance cyber security protections in several important ways:

  • Preparedness: RG proactively defends against cyber security threats by identifying sensitive data and moving it to the most secure storage locations. RG can also identify and delete records that should no longer exist.
  • Detection: Sentinel detects and alerts administrators to suspicious system behavior proactively.
  • Validation: RG will enhance the capabilities of Sentinel by allowing it to leverage content classifications to improve threat detection (focusing it on where sensitive data resides) and triage alert protocols.
  • Remediation: RG improves baseline security by attaching document classifications to each document; these tags will allow existing data loss prevention (DLP) tools, firewalls, email gateways, proxy servers, etc. to leverage sophisticated document classification to protect the most sensitive documents.
  • Response: RG and Sentinel provide immediate, definitive answers to the troubling questions that arise following a data breach, like “what data was lost,” “how was it lost,” and “what is our exposure?”

“As the number of data breaches continues to rise and organizations become increasingly concerned about the reputational and financial harm resulting from inadvertent disclosures, now is the ideal time for a solution that truly addresses the problem, while acknowledging that breaches will happen no matter how many security controls are in place” said Mike McCutcheon, Rational’s Chief Solution Officer.

“Together, Rational and CounterTack will be able to provide a completely unique service to organizations; our combined analytics to identify both sensitive content and unusual behavior will create an early warning system for our clients and their entire vertical,” said Avi Legmann, CounterTack’s Senior VP of Business Development.

About CounterTack | MCSI

CounterTack | MCSI is the leading provider of real-time, Big Data endpoint detection and response technology for the enterprise. CounterTack | MCSI provides unprecedented visibility and context around operating system and binary behaviors to detect zero-days attacks, rootkits, targeted malware, and advanced persistent threats, enabling our customers to improve incident response and advanced threat detection, enterprise-wide.

Built on Big Data architecture to counter endpoint threats at-scale and leveraging tamper-resistant collection for pure behavioral capture on enterprise endpoints (laptops, servers, workstations, mobile devices), CounterTack | MCSI dramatically reduces the impact of advanced threats in real-time and post-incident, giving teams an opportunity to defend the enterprise across the entire cyber kill chain. Our 200+ customers leverage next-generation solutions on a global scale, across verticals and within a strategic partner ecosystem that includes MSSP and professional services around incident response and threat remediation.


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