“Protiviti had the opportunity to work directly with a portion of the Rational Enterprise technology stack, as well as extensively evaluate the full product in-house. Protiviti was introduced to the technology when millions of documents and multiple terabytes of data had to be acquired, processed, reviewed and produced to opposing counsel on a tight deadline ahead of depositions.

During this project, the Rational Enterprise technology performed very well, offering scalability, stability, and several key features including the use of predictive coding for responsive and privilege designations, which were critical to the review team’s ability to meet production deadlines. An audit of the results conducted by counsel validated that this predictive coding was very accurate.

Building upon this direct and positive experience, our team evaluated Rational Enterprise’s full review & analytics, eDiscovery response, and information management capabilities. The team was very impressed with the ability to intuitively create and reuse visual workflows; search for, preserve, and collect documents from a central interface across an entire network; organize documents through the use of advanced analytics; and efficiently review and produce documents in standard formats. Based on these findings, we are actively building out a joint managed review offering through Robert Half Legal eDiscovery Services, including end-to-end discovery preparedness and response that is powered by Rational Enterprise.”

Frank Wu – Managing Director, Protiviti

Kahn Consulting

“As companies navigate the ‘perfect information storm’ in which there is more data, more laws, more mismanagement of information, and more consequences, they will need to rely on technology more often to get it right. With the information explosion, managing business content requires utilizing an increasingly powerful class of Machine Learning technologies to accomplish those tasks for which employees no longer have the time or ability. I have become increasingly impressed with the success we have had helping Kahn Consulting clients use Support Vector Machine technologies to discern business records and apply records retention classifications. When a company has terabytes of email that need to be reviewed for business or legal purposes, automated classification technologies, such as SVM, are viable answers.”

Randolph A. Kahn, ESQ. | Kahn Consulting, Inc.