Enforce compliance and act on healthcare data to improve critical patient services

Tackle Compliance

Rational Governance provides healthcare organizations with comprehensive healthcare data solutions to comply with the increasingly complex regulatory, privacy, accreditation, and audit challenges they face. Any content under management can be quickly found, collected, and reviewed in support of, or as required by various regulators and auditors. At the same time, managed data may be continually evaluated for HIPAA / PII risks and policy violations. Ensure compliance with evolving data privacy regulations.


Protect Healthcare Data

Streamline data security practices and lock down sensitive data to meet healthcare data activity requirements and data breach laws. Our healthcare data solutions help sustainably reduce risk, investigate security incidents, and automate data security policies and processes for critical healthcare data. Document and protect PHI as an ongoing business function from the moment of creation.

Institutional and Clinical Data Analysis

Rational is uniquely positioned to help healthcare organizations drive real value from the mountains of data they are amassing. Our data analytics engine provides an endless range of modeling capabilities and is supported by a team that understands both medicine and the business of healthcare. Our proven tools and methodology enable the rapid and cost-effective analysis of big healthcare data; the results are actionable insights that enable healthcare institutions to respond to the ongoing demands of cost control and quality of patient care.

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