Information Security

Information Technology

You can’t protect what you don’t know you have. Before working on your information security model, deciding on procedures, or even finalizing your technology stack, you need to know what you have, and where your business needs it to be. Rational Governance has the most comprehensive set of identification capabilities for recognizing sensitive corporate information the moment it’s created. Even better, reduce the risk of harmful data breaches by writing automatic rules for proactively moving sensitive information out of high-risk areas (e.g., laptops) and into more secure locations.

Post-breach remediation

When a security breach occurs, RG gives lighting fast insight into your exposure and what data elements – such as sensitive corporate information or Personally Identifiable Information (PII) – may have been compromised through an encrypted, independent index.

Smarter data loss prevention

Does your company use a DLP Data Loss Protection (DLP) tool to prevent sensitive information from leaving the enterprise? Rational Governance can enhance the usefulness of your DLP tool by identifying and tagging sensitive information. Your DLP tool can then leverage these document tags to take smarter actions on documents in transit.

Knowledge Resiliency

Data has the unfortunate possibility of being stolen, lost, or misplaced during a breach. Businesses that do not have visibility into their data nor measures in place to retrieve severed data can suffer tremendous losses to enterprise knowledge as a result of a breach. Rational Governance helps to solve this problem and preserve critical enterprise knowledge by taking a lightweight index of all text and metadata in managed data stores. This lightweight index can be used to interrogate missing data (or even as the foundation for reconstituting it, albeit with limitations) so that the organization can make informed decisions and recover quickly following a breach.