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Ensure compliance with data protection legislation

Records Management

Schools and educational institutions have innate responsibilities when it comes to information and records management. They generate huge volumes of information relating to hundreds if not thousands of pupils, as well as to staff, facilities, equipment, and important institutional processes. These become increasingly difficult challenges to address while operating on tight budgets and fluctuating student populations. Some information must also be kept confidential, while other information is subject to open-access policies.

Substantial amounts of records take up space and can lead to disorganization. Some documents may only need to be accessed rarely, but significant time and resources can be expended in finding them when needed. Schools require a combination of secure storage and easy accessibility. Rational Governance is the perfect education solution that provides schools and educational institutions with a records management solution built with their needs in mind, keeping track of both pupil and personnel records with their own specific yet complex compliance requirements. Ensure your school is keeping records efficiently with RG.

Data Privacy

Schools and the districts that support them are becoming increasingly aware of their record-keeping and privacy obligations, including requirements to make student records available to parents and guardians securely. Rational assists educational institutions in complying with their retention rules, gaining greater control over their data, and ensuring stringent privacy requirements are met. Ensure compliance with evolving data privacy regulations.


Information Security

Many universities conduct world-leading research, making them attractive targets for financially-motivated cybercriminals or state-sponsored hackers looking to steal intellectual property.

Rational Governance can run on nearly any commercial cloud provider and can effectively manage compliance programs as well as some of the most rigorous infrastructure security and resiliency certifications in the world.

Ensure the highest possible standards of operations in education, research, preservation of knowledge and other significant activities. Recognize sensitive information the moment it’s created and reduce the risk of harmful data breaches by proactively moving sensitive information out of high-risk areas into more secure locations with RG.

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