Rational Enterprise and [s]Cube Announce Partnership

Rational Enterprise and [s]Cube Announce Partnership

Albany, NY – Rational Enterprise (RE), a leader in Information Governance (IG) and e-Discovery technology, and [s]Cube, a provider of IT staffing and services for application development and management, announced today a strategic partnership to offer organizations a comprehensive solution for on-premises Information Governance and hosted e-Discovery, powered by Rational Governance and Rational Review.

[s]Cube is creating a complete e-Discovery practice and has selected the Rational technology platform to complement its new service offering. [s]Cube will resell, install, and maintain Rational Governance, RE’s IG platform for on-premises deployments. [s]Cube will also support RG’s integration with Rational Review, RE’s hosted litigation repository.

With Rational Governance installed across an organization’s data stores, content residing on desktops, laptops, file shares, cloud shares, email servers, and document management systems is ingested and indexed, allowing the organization to search, analyze, and explicitly control all managed content in place and in real time. By managing unstructured content proactively, organizations can improve compliance, decrease risk, and position themselves to effectively and efficiently respond to e-discovery demands. The organization can assess its legal position quickly; analyze matters in-house; reduce the quantity of documents destined for outside review; and collect relevant data into Rational Review – all without disrupting the normal course of business. Once within Rational Review, relevant document can be manually or automatically reviewed through a simple but powerful user interface.

By allowing organizations to gain visibility into and control over their data, Rational and [s]Cube will streamline their approach to records retention, discovery preparedness and response, big data analytics, and various other IG use cases important to public and private entities alike.

“[s]Cube’s proven competency in developing and maintaining complex applications for government and private enterprises will allow it to excel in delivering our Information Governance and e-Discovery solutions to their clients,” said Mike McCutcheon, Rational’s Chief Solution Officer.

“Rational is unmatched in the industry and we are proud to be supporting their technology; we are confident that our joint solution will provide meaningful benefit to clients,” said Suman Akula, CEO of [s]Cube.

[s]Cube is headquartered in Albany, NY serving public and private sectors, which includes mid-market, and startup companies with their IT service needs. To learn more about [s]Cube, visit http://scubeenterprise.com/index.html.

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