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Law Firms

Safeguard confidential client data and employ a powerful and intuitive litigation repository to deal with any matter, big or small, simple or complex.

Data Security

Law firms interact with and store some of their clients’ most sensitive data. It should not be surprising then that in recent years, many high-profile data breaches have involved law firm client data. Rational Governance can help law firms protect against the enormous reputational harm resulting from a data breach by ensuring that client data and other sensitive work product does not sit in high-risk areas (e.g., on lawyers’ desktops and laptops), but instead is stored in more secure locations.

Document Review

Rational Review is designed to assist lawyers with the smallest of cases in a cost-effective fashion but has the muscle to flex up for the largest and most complex cases when the need arises. Rational Review combines an intuitive UI, cutting-edge analytics like predictive coding, and support by an experienced client services team that will help you achieve your goals.

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Efficiently handle investigations, complex litigation, and open government requests

Open Records

Rational Governance enables governmental agencies to prepare for and respond to open records requests more efficiently. Visibility into all data through a central access portal ensures that response efforts can begin immediately upon receipt of a request, saving the agency the cost and business disruption of typical data collection efforts.

Save time and costs associated with manual review by deploying our advanced predictive coding technology to identify relevant documents in-place. Once potentially relevant documents are identified, the agency can seamlessly port data to Rational Review for further analysis and review, redacting sensitive information and making productions electronically available to requestors.

Attorneys General

AGs representing other government departments can use Rational Governance to collect data into Rational Review in a just-in-time fashion. RR easily allows for multi-party access (e.g., in a case involving multiple State AGs) and includes predictive coding for fast document review. Pricing for this solution is a fraction of the cost of alternatives, and as such, levels the playing field with private enterprise.

Records Management

Stringent regulatory requirements require governmental agencies to maintain records that document their activities, file records for safe storage and efficient retrieval, and dispose of records according to agency schedules – all under restricted operating budgets and mandatory technology initiatives.

Rational Governance offers a complete government solution by strategically streamlining record management across departments and agencies. RG helps facilitate document searches and retrieval, record markings for special handling, access to Vital Records, and increased reliance on electronic versus paper records. In short, RG will improve records management while saving taxpayer dollars.

Data Privacy and Compliance

Governmental organizations handle a substantial amount of sensitive citizen and organizational data critical to their public sector activity. RG automatically classifies regulated data and citizen information and reports on access and file activity for auditors, ensuring data is protected and compliant to increasingly stringent regulations. Align your security program with established frameworks based on industry best practices such as NIST SP 800-53.

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Education Case Study

Ensure compliance with data protection legislation

Records Management

Schools and educational institutions have innate responsibilities when it comes to information and records management. They generate huge volumes of information relating to hundreds if not thousands of pupils, as well as to staff, facilities, equipment, and important institutional processes. These become increasingly difficult challenges to address while operating on tight budgets and fluctuating student populations. Some information must also be kept confidential, while other information is subject to open-access policies.

Substantial amounts of records take up space and can lead to disorganization. Some documents may only need to be accessed rarely, but significant time and resources can be expended in finding them when needed. Schools require a combination of secure storage and easy accessibility. Rational Governance is the perfect education solution that provides schools and educational institutions with a records management solution built with their needs in mind, keeping track of both pupil and personnel records with their own specific yet complex compliance requirements. Ensure your school is keeping records efficiently with RG.

Data Privacy

Schools and the districts that support them are becoming increasingly aware of their record-keeping and privacy obligations, including requirements to make student records available to parents and guardians securely. Rational assists educational institutions in complying with their retention rules, gaining greater control over their data, and ensuring stringent privacy requirements are met. Ensure compliance with evolving data privacy regulations.


Information Security

Many universities conduct world-leading research, making them attractive targets for financially-motivated cybercriminals or state-sponsored hackers looking to steal intellectual property.

Rational Governance can run on nearly any commercial cloud provider and can effectively manage compliance programs as well as some of the most rigorous infrastructure security and resiliency certifications in the world.

Ensure the highest possible standards of operations in education, research, preservation of knowledge and other significant activities. Recognize sensitive information the moment it’s created and reduce the risk of harmful data breaches by proactively moving sensitive information out of high-risk areas into more secure locations with RG.

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Enforce compliance and act on healthcare data to improve critical patient services

Tackle Compliance

Rational Governance provides healthcare organizations with comprehensive healthcare data solutions to comply with the increasingly complex regulatory, privacy, accreditation, and audit challenges they face. Any content under management can be quickly found, collected, and reviewed in support of, or as required by various regulators and auditors. At the same time, managed data may be continually evaluated for HIPAA / PII risks and policy violations. Ensure compliance with evolving data privacy regulations.


Protect Healthcare Data

Streamline data security practices and lock down sensitive data to meet healthcare data activity requirements and data breach laws. Our healthcare data solutions help sustainably reduce risk, investigate security incidents, and automate data security policies and processes for critical healthcare data. Document and protect PHI as an ongoing business function from the moment of creation.

Institutional and Clinical Data Analysis

Rational is uniquely positioned to help healthcare organizations drive real value from the mountains of data they are amassing. Our data analytics engine provides an endless range of modeling capabilities and is supported by a team that understands both medicine and the business of healthcare. Our proven tools and methodology enable the rapid and cost-effective analysis of big healthcare data; the results are actionable insights that enable healthcare institutions to respond to the ongoing demands of cost control and quality of patient care.

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Financial Services

Financial Services

Govern collaboration and compliance across a global and distributed environment

Improve Compliance and Risk Management

Financial services is one of the most scrutinized and regulated industries. Rational Governance improves data management processes to ensure compliance with FATCA, anti-money laundering (AML), and other such laws. RG can also ensure compliance with GDPR and similar government regulations, as well as support rapid, cost-effective, and accurate responses to requests from government agencies.

Defensible Records Management

Managing important client and internal documents shouldn’t be a considerable burden for you or your company, but it’s often more complicated than it appears. With increasing pressure from regulatory agencies, the need for Information Governance continues to evolve to a “must have” in the Financial Services industry. In addition to regulatory pressures, legal discovery requirements continue to become more standardized, with courts having less tolerance for noncompliance to established standards and commercially reasonable expectations.

It’s more important than ever to reduce your organization’s risk – knowing where your records are located, securing and auditing access, and determining how long to retain them. Rational Governance safeguards records and allows information to be managed, controlled, and discovered from a central location, enterprise wide.

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Treat information as an asset that supports cost-effective and efficient service delivery

Data Protection

Poor document management and a lack of oversight can leave highly sensitive data vulnerable to theft. If sensitive client or company information is compromised in any way, your firm’s reputation could suffer heavily.

Monitor and report on sensitive data like customer information, credit card data, financial assets; and regulated data like PII and PHI. Audit data access and permissions to sensitive information and gain full visibility into file activity and user behavior.

Risk Reduction

Organizations face substantial business risk due to tremendous amounts of regulation and litigation. Insurance providers for these companies can reduce this risk (and therefore their own risk) by ensuring their clients have defensible and transparent methods for enforcing document retention policies and responding to document requests during litigation or investigation.

Rational Governance allows for true compliance with retention and production obligations, thereby diminishing the potential for large claims against D&O and E&O insurance. Risk reduction for insurance providers can also mean a competitive advantage in the way of premium reductions for clients.

Underwriting & Claims Processing

Insurance companies need to quickly and accurately identify submissions they may want to underwrite. Rational Governance can significantly improve the existing process for underwriting certain insurance policies by enhancing the accuracy and efficiency in receiving, prioritizing, underwriting, and binding new requests. RG’s integrated machine learning can be used to build models to identify submissions that are both valuable and likely to be bound. These same modeling techniques will also prove useful in processing claims, helping insurers flag claims for further investigation, uncover fraud, and determine reimbursement.

Claims Review

Claims review often involves data from a variety of sources including the client, claimant, and third-party service providers. Use Rational Review to easily aggregate and review documents relating to a claim in a central UI. RR’s powerful search and analytics tools will help uncover key facts and findings so that the appropriate judgement can be rendered.

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Identify key case insights in complex construction litigation, review documents, and meet tight deadlines using our intuitive litigation repository

Construction Litigation

Construction litigation and disputes often involves many interconnected parties where stakeholders frequently communicate with construction companies, building owners, subcontractors, contractors, suppliers, bonding companies, architects, and engineers about various contracts, claims, and disputes.

Besides this organizational complexity, construction matters are also notoriously difficult due to the prevalence of less common document types, which pose significant collection and review challenges. For these reasons, advanced eDiscovery technology is not just beneficial for lawyers dealing with constructions disputes, but a necessity.

Rational Review enables lawyers dealing with construction matters to piece a story together by consolidating information for multiple entities into one place and sifting through that information in a logical and efficient way. Daily reports, calendars, progress meetings, logs, and changes in work directives can be retrieved instantly and associated with case facts and issues. Use our ‘Find Similar’ functionality to track how key documents such as reports and contracts were altered and amended over time to help uncover their true meaning.

Our powerful and proprietary eDiscovery platform for analyzing, reviewing, and producing documents to meet tight deadlines is combined with an experienced, consultative, and responsive project management team with over 15 years of experience in the industry.

“Rational Enterprise has provided us with an end-to-end solution that handles in-place data management combined with effective and efficient eDiscovery response which has significantly reduced our eDiscovery spend.”

 M+W Group

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