Rational Enterprise Integrates Catelas

Rational Enterprise Integrates Catelas


Rational Enterprise integrates Catelas to optimally source training sets for its industry leading Predictive Coding process, Rational Analytics

Partnership reduces time & cost by accurately scoping training document set, for the predictive coding process.

Boston, MA and Miami, FL (June 28, 2012) – Catelas and Rational Enterprise today announced a partnership to provide an integrated service encompassing the Catelas Early Case Intelligence technology & Rational Intelligence, the leading provider of technology assisted review.

Rational Analytics (“RA”) enables customers to model characteristics unique to a small sample of documents and automatically apply that model to code any number of subsequent documents. Since the quality of the output depends heavily on the input, accurately and quickly providing insights into the structure of organizational relationships is critical to developing the most efficient sample sets for predictive coding.

Catelas Early Case Intelligence leverages a unique combination of technologies, based on social network analysis and behavioral analytics, called Relationships Forensics. This allows Catelas to identify the key people and uncover the hot documents in a dataset within hours of data load. The Catelas report informs counsel, allowing them to make better decisions earlier in the process.

The solution will be offered as a fully integrated hosted service by Rational Enterprise and all aspects of the process will be managed by Rational Enterprise. In addition to optimizing the training process, Catelas will generate an Early Case Intelligence report, enabling the client to better understand what the data is saying faster and allowing counsel to stay ahead of the issue.

Michael McCreary, Rational Enterprise President said, “there is no doubt that predictive coding technologies have the potential to offer real cost savings. Getting the initial training set right, however, is a key part of the process. Catelas allows us to uncover key documents and relationships within the dataset fast – that’s of tremendous value.”

Eddie Cogan, Catelas CEO said, “we are very pleased to offer Catelas as a service through Rational Enterprise. Integrating Catelas Early Case Intelligence with Rational Enterprise will allow law firms and corporate legal departments to become smarter, earlier in the process and to benefit from the time and cost savings of technology assisted review.”

About Rational Enterprise

Rational Enterprise develops software that effectuates enterprise retention policy and discovery response against unstructured data, whether on the desktop, or in file share, e-mail server, or document management system. The result is simple and efficient responses to discovery requests that ensure real compliance and provide immediate insight into relevant information. By controlling documents and the discovery process from the start, RE will dramatically reduce the time, costs, and risks associated with compliance and litigation. In 2012 RE, in partnership with recognized leaders in the field of high dimensional text classification, introduced Rational Intelligence, built upon multiple proprietary and exclusive classification technologies. Rational Intelligence offers the most accurate and most defensible predictive coding solution in the eDiscovery, regulatory and compliance markets.

Rational Enterprise Press Contact:
Nishad Shevde – VP Rational Analytics
30 Montgomery Street, Suite 904
Jersey city, NJ 07302
Main: 908-360-0699
email: nshevde@rationalenterprise.com

About Catelas
Catelas, a leader in Relationship Forensics, is helping senior litigators become smarter, earlier, by providing true Early Case Intelligence within a day of loading the data. This allows legal counsel to define their case strategy with precision, much earlier in the process, and cut costs by focusing downstream efforts. With solutions for eDiscovery as well as Information Security, Risk and Compliance, Catelas helps companies meet their compliance obligations and react to events faster, reducing the risks associated with doing business. For more information about Catelas, please visit http://www.catelas.com

Catelas Press Contact:
Ben Hogan
Vice President
Catelas, Inc.
12 Alfred Street, Suite 300
Woburn, MA 01801
Main: 617-795-7339
email: press@catelas.com

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