Rational Enterprise Announces Rational Review

Rational Enterprise Announces Rational Review

Rational Review to provide the most powerful and cost effective hosted eDiscovery repository on the market

Miami Beach, FL: Rational Enterprise (“RE”), a company that develops software designed for records retention policy enforcement, has announced today that it will be expanding its product offerings to include Rational Review (“RR”), a hosted review platform. RR will provide the most powerful, yet most cost effective, eDiscovery repository in the marketplace. Through its unique set of features and pricing model, RR will dramatically reduce litigation costs and provide certainty to the litigation budget.

RR is integrated with the suite of Rational Enterprise products. The integration allows existing RE customers to migrate their documents to RR to enable their outside counsel to use the advanced analytics to review, produce, and organize documents for litigation. Integration with RR’s Just-In-Time agents also facilitates the seamless and dynamic ability to access an enterprise’s data stores without disruption and at minimal costs – allowing a more forensically sound eDiscovery process and adherence to an organization’s continuing obligation to produce relevant documents created during the course of litigation.

Rational Review is based on the underlying technology of Rational Enterprise’s information lifecycle management platform, and as such, incorporates much of the same powerful functionality, including:

  1. Search and analytics tools, which allow RR to identify and refine the set of relevant custodians and documents. RR provides advanced search capabilities, including concept search, communication mapping, clustering, and email thread analysis, as well as more traditional methodologies (e.g., keyword and metadata).
  2. Predictive coding via RE’s Auto Categorization Engine (“ACE”). ACE is a fully integrated, state-of-the-art suite of machine learning tools based on Support Vector Machine technology. It enables RE, and now RR, to model the characteristics unique to a small sample of coded documents accurately, and apply that model to code any number of similar documents automatically. In this way, ACE will increase accuracy and dramatically reduce the time and costs associated with reviewing large populations of documents.
  3. An integrated workflow engine that tracks and automates the handling of all loading, culling, search, review, and production activities. Within workflows, an enterprise can pre-build a structure of search terms, review queues, etc. The workflow remains active to ensure that any new documents entering a matter are evaluated and handled in exactly the same manner as all prior documents. Workflows thus provide consistency and repeatability.
  4. Self-provisioning of all essential site activities. Through RE’s Media Manager and other exposed settings, RR users can self-load and produce documents, set security, organize reviews, and generally administer an entire matter without needing technical assistance.

The Rational Review platform will be sold to law firms and companies already in the midst of litigation. Customers will have the option to purchase an enterprise agreement, which is offered for a fixed monthly hosting fee for unlimited users and matters. This aggressive pricing strategy will allow clients the unprecedented ability to fix litigation hosting costs, resulting in significant cost savings. RE guarantees that eDiscovery costs will be reduced by 50% using the RR platform.

Customers using Rational Review in conjunction with Rational Enterprise will realize further savings. Corporate documents and a rich set of metadata can be loaded directly from an RE instance inside the firewall to the hosted RR repository – at no cost. Not only are processing and loading fees eliminated, but loading time is reduced from days to hours.

With this new offering, Rational Enterprise becomes the only company to offer a purpose-built end-to-end solution that encompasses the enforcement of retention policies, eDiscovery response capabilities, an internal litigation repository, and a hosted litigation repository. A recent analyst report by Parity Research identified the four axes for evaluating the eDiscovery landscape as “Integrated Solutions,” “Enablers,” “Review Tools,” and “Service Providers.” In this report, Rational Enterprise received high marks on three of those axes with the only deficiency in being a “Service Provider.” The launch of Rational Review positions Rational Enterprise as the only company offering a solution with all four axes.

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About Rational Enterprise

Rational Enterprise was started in 2006 by the founders of the then most successful provider of hosted eDiscovery document review and production services. Rational Enterprise develops software that effectuates enterprise retention policy against unstructured data, whether on the desktop, file share, e-mail server, or document management system. Lightweight agents deployed within the enterprise extract text and metadata from user created documents and communications. This information is then sent to a central server, where it is available for: advanced metadata, keyword, concept, and social networking search; analysis and organization; and auto-categorization. This tool can automatically move data from the desktop to document management storage. It will allow the company to keep documents it needs for as long as required, then automatically destroy them according to the company’s policy.

Rational Enterprise also has integrated discovery response capabilities, including: hold notification issuance and tracking; the ability to analyze, find, and preserve documents in place; and automatic document collection. The result is simple and efficient responses to discovery requests that ensure real compliance and provide immediate insight into relevant information. By controlling documents and the discovery process from the start, RR will dramatically reduce the time, costs, and risks associated with compliance and litigation.

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Tom Preece works directly with clients, partners, internal Product Development and Marketing to improve, sell, and deliver Rational Enterprise technologies. He converses daily with executive- and director-level practitioners in Legal, Compliance, InfoSec, Privacy, and KM departments to better understand their problems and relate the multi-layered value that in-place supervised machine learning technology can provide.