Rational Enterprise Presents to the National Association of Attorneys General

Rational Enterprise Presents to the National Association of Attorneys General

Phoenix, AZ – On October 7, 2012, Rational Enterprise presented its Rational Analytics Predictive Coding technology at the National Association of Attorneys General Annual Antitrust Conference.

Rational Analytics aims to help State Attorney Generals quickly and accurately uncover relevant information from targets while saving on discovery costs.

Rational Analytics is the most accurate, efficient, and defensible text classification and predictive coding platform available today. With RI, documents are reviewed by sophisticated technology as an alternative to large-scale contract attorney review. Knowledgeable attorneys review a small representative sample; RI learns from the sample and creates a statistical model to be applied automatically to the balance of documents. RI provides unique transparency by showing the specific document characteristics learned by the technology and represented in the statistical model. The result is improved review accuracy with massive reductions in time and cost. No longer is sophisticated discovery technology outside the reach of State AG budgets.

Used in conjunction with Rational Enterprise’s hosted review platform, Rational Review, AGs will realize further benefits and cost savings. Rational Review (ReD) is a full featured hosted litigation review platform and associated services that also allow AGs to access documents, transcripts, and legal memorandum throughout the offices of the various state AGs. Hosted in secure data centers, ReD is offered at a fraction of the cost of most alternatives. Pricing is simple and predictable with a fixed-fee schedule for unlimited users and matters, tiered on the amount of data. Capabilities include massive scalability, rich analytics and flexible security, all backed by a client services team experienced in some of the most complex litigations of the last decade.

The conference, entitled “Antitrust Federalism: Enhancing the State-Federal Relationship,” was attended by approximately 140 state and federal enforcers, as well as private attorneys and law students. Presenters for Rational Enterprise included: Dr. Constantin Aliferis, Director of the NYU Center for Health Informatics and Bioinformatics and Chief Scientist of Rational Intelligence; and Michael McCutcheon, Director of Business Development and Technology Strategy for Rational Enterprise.

About Rational Enterprise

In business since 2006, Rational Enterprise aims transform the way organizations think about information management, retention compliance, and e?discovery. Rational Enterprise provides its customers with a suite of software solutions; in additional to its predictive coding platform, Rational Intelligence, Rational Enterprise offers: Rational Review a full-featured hosted litigation review platform and services; and Rational Governance, which enables information governance and compliance by tracking user content on desktops and in file shares, email, and content management systems, resulting in fully visible and controllable documents.

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