Konstantin Mertsalov, Phd

Software Research and Development Consultant

Dr. Konstantin Mertsalov brings extensive experience in search, social network, and document classification technologies.  Konstantin has previously worked at a leading e-Discovery firm and developed a scalable search system used to search hundreds of millions of documents with a rich set of metadata.  His current focus is on the development of the document classification system based on Support Vector Machines, social network analysis tools, as well as algorithms for corpus structure analysis (e.g., near duplicate detection and email thread analysis).

In 2009, Konstantin received a Ph.D. from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.  His thesis work involved the study of large dynamic social networks. Konstantin’s other academic interests include machine learning, information diffusion in social networks, and semantic web search.  He has co-authored numerous publications on social networks analysis, search, and machine learning, which have appeared at international conferences and journals.