Costa Kypre



Costa Kypre

Chief Revenue Officer

Costa leads sales and marketing across Rational Enterprise and oversees operations within EMEA. Costa has over 18 years of experience in the legal technology sector advising corporations and law firms on the management of data and the use of technology. Costa has experience providing and implementing information governance solutions to corporations. Costa also has an expert knowledge of the latest eDiscovery technologies and tactics that can be utilized on matters such as competition, regulatory, litigation, and investigations. and can tailor an approach for clients depending on the specifics and requirements of a given matter.

Costa has worked in senior operational and project management roles and has extensive consultancy and board-level business development experience. Costa has consulted on a number of internal audits, investigations, and has considerable expertise working on cross-border litigation exercises and regulatory matters such as second requests, FCA, OFT, SEC, DOJ, and European Commission investigations, including races for leniency.

Costa works closely with in-house counsel at multi-national corporations including banks, financial institutions, pharmaceuticals, and construction companies. Costa also provides consultancy and advice to global law firms.